Everything You Need to Know About Disposing of a Dishwasher

Everything You Need to Know About Disposing of a Dishwasher

When major household appliances, such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, and dishwashers, reach the ends of their lives, it can be difficult to know precisely how to dispose of them properly. After all, with more and more homeowners becoming concerned with the environmental impact of their actions, simply sending appliances to the landfill is not a viable option in many households. 


In this brief guide, you will learn more about the proper steps you need to take in order to get rid of a dishwasher you no longer need. It is important to remember that not all appliances have to be recycled – some may still have life left, which can be a major blessing for someone in your area who is in need! 

Sell The Item.

If you are simply replacing your dishwasher as part of a renovation or household upgrade, but there is nothing actually wrong with the one you currently have, selling it at a reasonable price might be the best choice. 


There are numerous online marketplaces where you can list appliances for local pickup, and this may allow a family in need to obtain a working appliance without spending retail prices. 

Donate The Item.

If your dishwasher still works, but isn’t in good enough condition to warrant selling – or if you simply don’t care about getting any money out of it – donating it to the Salvation Army, Habitat For Humanity, or another organization is a great way to do some good in your local community.

Recycle The Item.

If the dishwasher you want to get rid of no longer functions, recycling it is the best option. However, depending on where you live, there might be rules and regulations regarding the appropriate disposal of appliances. 


You may, for example, need to wait for your local heavy trash pickup day or transport the appliance to a “Tox Away Day” event of some sort. Contact your local city hall if you have questions. 

Put The Item On The Curb. 

Another way to get rid of an unwanted appliance is to put it on the curb. If you do this, even with a dishwasher that no longer works, someone may take it for scrap metal or to attempt to repair it. 


However, depending on your neighborhood, you may have Homeowners’ Association rules that prevent you from putting faulty appliances curbside. If you have an HOA, check into this first. 


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