Prohibited Items for Roll-Off Dumpsters

Schiebel Waste is known for accepting almost everything in our roll-off dumpsters. After all, our goal is to make junk and debris removal as hassle-free as possible! However, there are a few items that we absolutely cannot dispose of in our dumpsters for safety and environmental reasons. Please be sure to check the label of any items you may be unsure about tossing in the dumpster.


We cannot take tires in our roll-off containers due to the amount of damage they cause to landfills. As other items in the landfills break down, methane gas is produced and can cause whole tires to rise to the surface of these landfills, causing plastic liners and pipes to break along the way. Tires need to go to an above-ground facility.


Previously used as an insulating material for homes and a flame retardant for industrial products, asbestos is now known to be carcinogenic and is therefore not accepted in both our roll-off dumpsters and landfills. For those doing interior demolition or remodeling work and who happen to come across asbestos, it’s important to talk to a licensed contractor who can dispose of these materials properly.

Food Waste & General Trash

Our roll-off dumpster rental company does not accept general waste. Although these materials are biodegradable, they tend to attract unwanted animal visitors to our dumpsters and tend to leave more of a mess in the dumpsters than other products. If you need to throw out large amounts of food, we recommend local garbage collection services.

Medical Waste

Schiebel Waste does not accept any materials that have come in contact with bodily fluids. For those looking to dispose of needles, used bandages, and other medical waste, you will need to contact an infectious waste collection company which will take the waste to a facility specifically designed for medical waste.

Contaminated & Uncontaminated Soil

Although we do take stumps, large branches, and other landscape and hardscape materials, Schiebel Waste will not collect contaminated soil that has come into contact with large amounts of infectious waste and highly flammable products. Nor will we take uncontaminated soil because its overall weight can become too great to bear. However, we will take small quantities of uncontaminated mulch!


Our roll-off dumpsters do not accept concrete. The weight of concrete can add up rather quickly and can cause unexpected problems that we wish to avoid for ourselves and our customers. We can’t help you when it comes to concrete but we can when it comes to the rest of your construction process!

Industrial Drums

These large drums often contain hazardous materials from manufacturing and medical facilities. Although the drums may be empty, the residue left inside cannot be accepted in landfills, therefore individuals should request their industrial drum disposal through specialized haulers.

Schiebel Waste will accept batteries, railroad ties, paints, lacquers, ink, resins, refrigerants, and adhesives. We will also accept oils and fuel in small quantities. Don’t see your items on this list? Good news: We accept it in our roll-off dumpsters! As always, if you have any questions about a particular item, contact us at 978-361-5254

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