Winter Junk Removal Tips

Winter Junk Removal Tips


While there is a general focus on “spring cleaning” as the perfect time to de-junk your home, there’s no reason to wait for that time of year to roll around. In fact, after a busy summer with the kids at home and a hectic fall as the go off back to school, chances are that there’s a lot more junk lying around your house than you might like. And instead of waiting for spring, winter is the perfect time to get rid of some of that accumulated stuff.


If you are anxious to get your home back in order so you can stay cozy, comfortable, and carefree this winter, here are a few tips that you should see.

1.      Go Through it All

This is the worst part of de-junking, so we know how hard it is to get started with it. Essentially, you’ll need to go through all the stuff that is taking up space and determine what is junk and what isn’t. As you go through it, you may want to divide it up into piles or sections, so you know exactly what is happening with it. For example, if you have a lot of clothes in your closet, determine if they are going to be donated, tossed, sold, or kept. Keep doing this for every place that you have junk. Don’t forget to identify items that have some value for reselling online or at a garage sale.

2.      Put it Away

Now, you will need to have temporary homes for your different piles or sections. The things you are keeping can obviously be put back in their places. But for things you want to sell, donate, or junk, find a temporary home until you can get to it. If you live with others, make sure they are aware of which pile is for which purpose. This will give you time to make arrangements.

3.      Have it Removed

For your junk pile, the stuff that you want to be rid of and that isn’t in good enough condition to sell or donate, make some calls to junk removal companies for quotes. You’ll want to look for the most service at the best price.  Once you choose a company, make arrangements for it to be collected and taken away. A junk removal company is particularly helpful because they will make sure that anything that can be recycled is, and that everything else is disposed of properly.

4.      Stay Safe and Warm

While you are going through items, especially large or bulky items in the garage or shed, make sure that you are staying safe and not lifting anything that is too heavy. Instead of struggling with unwieldy objects, allow your junk removal company to help you with those items.  If you are working outside, or when it comes time to bring your junk outside for removal, make sure to dress warmly to avoid getting sick.

Schiebel Waste 

If you want to have a nice, clean, cozy home for winter, there’s no time like the present to get going on junk removal. If you need help, Contact Schiebel Waste to help you with you junk removal needs!


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