Why Do People Think That Dumpsters Attract Unwanted Attention?

Why Do People Think That Dumpsters Attract Unwanted Attention?

Dumpsters hold a stereotype of being suspicious. In a story, unwanted activity always seems to occur behind a dumpster. Is this always the case though? Continue reading to learn more about why people think dumpsters attract unwanted attention, and discover the truths behind these mysteries. 

Unwanted Animals 

In many cases, animals like raccoons or possums are found inside of dumpsters. Their love for trash leads them to the interior. Because of this, people often think that these animals are bound to be found inside. Well, Schiebel Waste offers containers large enough for it to become nearly impossible for animals to intrude. Whether you decide to use our 10, 15, or 20 yard container, we can assure you that regardless of presumptions, no animals will be intruding on our watch.

Suspicious Behavior

There will be no suspicious behavior stories to tell when renting a dumpster through Schiebel Waste. Our dumpsters can be rented for commercial or residential use, and if your property has a good reputation, our dumpster will not harm that. Many people seem to believe that dumpsters are a hideaway for people to get away with unwanted activity. The truth is that if there is an area where many dumpsters reside, the area itself is welcoming this activity. We can guarantee that your business or home will remain secure regardless of your dumpster rental.

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Proving these stories to be myths, if you need a dumpster rental, Schiebel Waste is the right choice for you. To get started, you can contact us by calling 978-361-5254 or by emailing us at dave@schiebelwaste.com. We look forward to assisting you today.

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