Tips for Major Basement Cleanouts

Tips for Major Basement Cleanouts

Cleaning Out Your Basement?

For many homeowners with basements, it may seem like no matter how hard you try, your basement just keeps filling up with junk. Until before you know it, your basement is just a stockpile of accumulated clutter. Thinking of cleaning out your basement is a good idea, but it can seem like an almost impossible task when you go down there to assess the damage. Follow these steps to overcome the daunting task of a basement cleanout.


A basement cleanout is no ordinary cleaning project, it requires careful planning and proper allocation of time where necessary. Most basements end up turning into the storage area for your home. This means that there will be a little bit of everything down there, clothes, sports equipment, personal items, and more. What are you going to do with everything? This is where the next step of the process comes in.


After you have planned a time and day for your cleanout, you will need to know what you will do with all the clutter. There are really three options when deciding what to do with items:


For items you want to keep, items that will be useful, you should dedicate a space to store them. If there is a storage closet available that can fit everything, use that. Maybe you want to keep all of the items you still want in the basement where they are, which is fine. But you should remove them and store them somewhere temporarily until you clean out the storage area and get rid of all the junk you want to throw out.

Throw out

For items you don’t need, the junk items, these can be thrown out. This may take some hardcore willpower but remember, this is a cleanout and it needs to be done. Depending on the how many items you have, and if there are any larger items, you may need to contact a local junk removal service or even rent a small dumpster.

Give away

For items that may be of use or are valuable, but you know you’ll never use, consider donating them to local charities. If you’re not sure on which charity to use, Charity Navigator is a great site that can find charities with causes you believe in and you can trust. It is the season of giving, and not only will you feel good about yourself for giving back, but you can also receive tax breaks for donated items as well, so keep your receipt!


Stay strong during your basement cleanout, it may seem impossible, but stick to these tips and you’ll be alright. If your cleanout project requires a small dumpster rental, contact Schiebel Waste today!

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