Dumpster Rental Tips and Hints

Dumpster Rental Tips and Hints

Dumpster rentals are few and far between for most residential homeowners. It’s not often you’re doing a complete home cleanout or remodel, but when the time comes, and you are in need of a dumpster, you can feel somewhat uninformed on the subject of dumpster rentals. While most rentals are straightforward, there are a few things to keep in mind before renting a dumpster.

Know the Size & Weight Limit

Dumpsters come in all shapes and sizes, the standard dumpster for most home renovations are roll-off dumpsters. These are the ones you’re probably used to seeing. Even roll-off containers though, come in a few sizes. Along with the sizes, each dumpster also has a weight limit, for example, the 10-yard roll-off containers have a 1-ton weight limit, while the 20-yard containers have a 3-ton weight limit. Going over the weight limit can cause a multitude of issues so it is important to speak with your contractor or dumpster rental company to decide the most appropriate dumpster for your size project.

Clear an Area for the Dumpster

Some people rent a dumpster without first checking to see if the dumpster can even fit on their property. This is where the size of the dumpster can come into play again, it will be important to know the measurements of the dumpster in order to clear out an adequately sized area. If you plan to put the dumpster in your driveway, have a plan of where to park your vehicles in the meantime. Figure out an area for the dumpster before it comes and the unloading process will be much easier.

Know What Materials Can and Can’t be Thrown out

Believe it or not, there are restrictions when it comes to what can be put in a dumpster. Flammable and hazardous material, for example, will not be accepted and can cause major problems for rental companies. Schiebel waste has compiled a helpful list of items that cannot be accepted for health and environmental reasons here.

Schiebel Waste Dumpster Rentals

When the time comes for you to rent a dumpster, remember these steps before renting, and the process will be effortless. For questions regarding dumpster rental, or if you’re in need of a rental ASAP, contact us today!


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