Declutter Your Bathroom Fast with These Tips

Declutter Your Bathroom Fast with These Tips

As one of the smallest spaces in the home, bathrooms can get cluttered pretty quickly. From empty shampoo bottles to stray hair ties and cotton swabs, there are probably a few things you can get rid of or organize to get your bathroom back into good shape. Keep reading for a few simple tips to declutter your bathroom fast! 

  1. Time Yourself

Decluttering can be overwhelming. Instead of letting yourself linger in the bathroom stressing over cleaning it up, set a timer and work quickly. Half an hour is a reasonable amount of time that will allow you to go through your items and make a few decisions. If you don’t finish when your timer goes off, save the rest for another day if you need to. 

  1. Organize Piles

When you set the timer, start dividing your things into piles or sections. These categories might include things like “trash/toss,” “donate,” “doesn’t belong in the bathroom,” and “keep.” You can even subdivide further, so you have piles for cosmetics, hair care, dental care, and more. 

  1. Check Expiration Dates

You are probably no stranger to tossing out expired things in the kitchen, but did you know that lots of things in the bathroom have expiration dates? This applies primarily to cosmetics and skincare because the product could lose its efficacy or could grow bacteria. Take a look at the item’s label for how long you can keep it after being opened. This is usually 3-12 months, depending on the product. Anything expired should go into the trash. 

  1. Toss Empty Containers

It’s easy to go straight to the next bottle of conditioner or body wash without throwing away the last one, especially if there’s a tad bit of product left. However, if the container is empty or mostly empty and you haven’t used it in some time, get rid of it. 

  1. Eliminate Extras

Do you have multiple similar makeup brushes or hairbrushes? Toss any repeats! 

  1. Toss What You Don’t Use

There’s no need to hang onto items that you don’t use. All they do is end up cluttering the place. Cosmetics of the wrong color, a moisturizer that makes you break out, the bubble bath you don’t use because you prefer showers – all of these can be tossed. If the items are sealed and not expired, consider gifting or donating them. Get together with friends to swap hair appliances, sheet masks, and other sealed or cleanable items. 

  1. Use Boxes, Baskets, or Bins

Once you’ve gotten rid of any junk in the bathroom, organize the remaining items into boxes, baskets, bins, or other containers. This will help keep your counter space clear and all of your items easy to find! 

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