Clean your Garage with a Schiebel Waste Container this Summer

Clean your Garage with a Schiebel Waste Container this Summer

Is your garage acting as an overflowing storage space? Is there a narrow path in your garage through all the stuff to reach the door? This summer may be the year to clean your garage finally, and Scheibel waste can help! Our dumpster rentals have helped hundreds of homeowners in the Merrimack valley with their overflowing garage problem. We wanted not only to write a blog highlighting the fact we have dumpsters of different sizes available but wanted to provide tips on how to mitigate the mess in your garage! Continue reading to learn more.


Pick the right day for your Garage Cleanout

The ideal day for a garage cleanout is a day that isn’t too hot and with some clouds that can provide some intermittent shade. If you decide to start cleaning on a hot day or a day that calls for rain later in the forecast, you can end up having items ruined by water, or you can burn yourself out, making it into a multiple day project. Depending on the severity of the clutter, try and start early in the day so you can finish in one day or you can finish before the day is done so you can move onto a new activity.

Make the Garage Cleanout a team effort.

Regardless of how much you think you can tackle on your own, it is always beneficial to have an additional set of hands to help you out. As you pull things out, you may find heavy items that required two or more people to move. During your garage cleanout, do not overexert yourself as this can lead to injury. Always rely on the help of friends or family in addition to using moving tools like a dolly.

Don’t be too Sentimental with items during your Garage Cleanout

When it comes to throwing out clutter, some people get caught up in the nostalgia of an item. A good rule of thumb to have is that if you haven’t used an item in the last year, it is time to throw it out. If you are having difficulty parting ways with items but know its necessary,

If you or your family are experiencing a hoarding issue, it may be worth contacting a professional to help.

Review Schiebel Wastes Dumpster Policy

Due to regulations set forth by the government, there is a select group of items that cannot be thrown away with normal everyday refuse. Items include but are not limited to air conditioning units (due to Freon), tires, items containing asbestos, medical waste, and contaminated soil. Food and other regular trash that would be put outside with for collection are also not accepted as this can attract animals to our dump.

Schiebel Waste: Providing Dumpster for Garage Clean Outs!

If cleaning out your garage is on the docket for this summer, contact Schiebel Waste today! We can provide the right sized container for your project and drop it off on the day that works best for you. Questions regarding prohibited items or pricing? Call us today to speak with one of our waste management specialists who can answer all your questions.

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