Top 5 Home Renovations to Improve Your Home's Value

Whether you're trying to make some last minute upgrades before you put your house on the market, or you're opting for a fresh new look for your home, renovations are a great investment. Not all home renovations are the same however and each yeilds a different return on investment, so it's important to do your research first.

If you aren't already set on a specific change you want to make to either your home's interior or exterior, then we've got a great short list of options to choose from.

Front Door Replacement 

It's always a wise choise to improve your home's security. After adding in motion sensor lights and outdoor cameras, replacing your existing door for a steel front door is a great option. The job wil cost an average of $1,218 but the ROI comes in at 102%.

Garage Door Replacement

 Whether you've noticed it before or not, garage doors take quite a beating over the years. Perhaps they've been dented by misguided hockey pucks, or have gone head to head with your car's bumper. Either way, replacing your garage door will yield you an 84% ROI after spending an average of $1,291 for the project.

Kitchen Remodel

Does your kitchen look like it's straight from the 70's? Are all of your appliances on their last leg? Need more cupboard space? Whatever the reason may be, a minor to moderate kitchen remodel is a good investment to make, especially if you're about to put your home on the market. Buyers are looking for upgraded appliances and a more open concept with storage space. Spending an average of $22,000, the return on investment is about 73%.

Vinyl Siding Installation

Replacing faded or warped vinyl siding can not only reduce your utility bill costs by better regulating indoor air temperature, but also drastically improve your home's curb appeal. Vinyl siding comes in dozens of colors and hues and is less expensive than cedar siding. Homeowners spend an average of $11,000-$13,000 with an ROI of 72%.

Basement Remodel

Need more space for the kids or want to add a space bedroom in your home? Having a finished basement is perfect for single family homes. Keep in mind that a basement remodel will cost nearly $65,000, but the long-term use you and future homeowners will get out of the additional space is well worth the investment. If you do decide to sell in the future, you will get a 70% ROI.

Schiebel Waste

Both interior and exterior remodeling tends to generate a lot of debris and scrap building materials. Whether you're undergoing the project yourself or you've hired a contracting company in the area, it's important to keep the work space and your property clean and tidy. The easiest cleanup option is a rolloff dumpster from Schiebel Waste. Contact our dumpster rental company today to reserve yours!


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20-yard Container


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