When Businesses Should Opt for a Commercial Dumpster

Businesses in Methuen and surrounding areas are often undergoing renovation and expanion work. Interior demolition projects, as you know, are often messy before they get better. If you're a business owner and you've hired a contracting crew or demolition crew, request that they rent a rolloff container in order to minimize the mess.

At Schiebel Waste, we understand that your business or storefront relies partially on it's appearance to the public. Our commercial rolloff containers, although large, are clean and spacious, which means very rarely will demolition debris peak out from the top of the dumpster if the correct size is ordered. Our rolloff dumpster rental company in Methuen will be happy to help you choose the correct size dumpster for your demolition needs.

If your commercial space contains a parking lot or large driveway, Schiebel Waste can easily fit our rolloff containers strategically in a place that won't get in the way of customers who are trying to enter, exit, and park at your storefront while your demolition project is underway. Once placed in an ideal spot, the demo crew can easily access the rolloff dumpster either from the top or by opening a swinging door at the back of the dumpster.

Commercial rolloff containers for rent are the ideal solution when businesses are undergoing a demolition project or expansion. They will contain any mess and the cleanup is easy -- Schiebel Waste will arrive again on-site to take away the filled dumpster and properly dispose of the materials inside!

Rent your rolloff dumpster for your commercial project today by contacting Schiebel Waste at 978-361-5254.


10 Yard Container


1-ton limit

2 week turnaround

$7 per day after 2 weeks

$120 per ton over allotted limit

15-Yard Container


5' high x 8' wide x 12' long

2 ton limit

2 week turnaround

$7 per day after 2 weeks

$120 per ton over allotted limit

20-yard Container


4' high x 8' wide x 16' long

3 ton limit

2 week turnaround

$7 per day after 2 weeks

$120 per ton over allotted limit

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