Items You Can Surprisingly Recycle

Many residents of Massachusetts are always striving for ways to cut back on their environmental footprint. From solar roofs to hybrid cars to opting to bike whenever possible, there's a number of things you can do to reduce your footprint.

One of the easiest things to do to help the planet is recycle. Recycling is a big deal in Massachusetts. In fact, in many towns residents can be fined a small fee if their garbage collection company finds non-recyclable items in a recycling bin. Homeowners generally understand that paper, metal and some types of plastic can be recycled, but at Schiebel Waste, we're here to give you insight into some other items you may not have known can be recycled.


House keys or any other metal key can be recycled for scrap metal, just like how aluminum cans are used again.

Outdated Technology

Old laptops, cell phones, speaker systems and other technology devices can be recycled. Although your local garbage and recycling collection company may not take these items, you can always find the nearest technology recycling center and drop off your items.

Running Shoes

Many athletic turf fields are now made out of recycled shoes, so the next time you plan on tossing your old sneakers into the garbage bin, place them instead into the recycling pile.


Take the paper off of broken or used crayons and melt them down into one giant crayon to use again in the future. Or, donate used crayons to a local school.


Although clothing has no place in your curbside recycling bin, you can gather up the clothing you no longer wear or fit into and drop it off at your nearest donation bin. There are hundreds across the state of Massachusetts. Or call your local American Red Cross branch for a clothing donation pickup.

Schiebel Waste

Do you know of any other items that could be recycled? Leave a comment and let us know what you've been able to recycle. If you're unable to recycle a large amount of household items, contact our dumpster rental company in Methuen, Haverhill and Lowell today for a rolloff dumpster!


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