Items to Discard When Downsizing Your Home

Downsizing is an exciting and intimidating time for any homeowner. Whether you're an empty nester now or just decided that you don't need as much space, taking on the challenge without any direction is never a good idea.

If you're unsure what items to tackle first, here are a few items to consider tossing or at least going through before your move.

  • Clothing. Clothing -- whether it's old, doesn't fit or is sentimental -- ends up taking up a lot of closet space. We recommend going through your clothes one drawr at a time and setting up a "give away," "keep," and "toss" pile. Chances are you don't need 10 t-shirts from the same Thanksgiving 5k race you do every year or that company softball shirt from last year.
  • CDs, DVDs and Old Electronics. Let's face it, the 90's and early 2000's are over and with that so is the era of CDs and DVDs. We recommend putting your favorite movies or songs onto an external or .zip folder and storing it on your computer. Not only will this save you space in your home, but it will also keep you more organized. Also don't forget to toss that stereo system, old computer monitor or iPod that's been in the drawr for years.
  • Kitchen Gadgets. One important aspect people look for in a new home is a spacious kitchen. However, no matter how spacious a kitchen is, it will only fit a finite amount of kitchen gadgets. If you can, try to part with that juicer you got for your wedding but never had a chance to use, or toss out any duplicate items such as measuring cups and serving spoons.

If you've found that you have more stuff to toss than you thought, then it's probably time to request a rolloff container. Schiebel Waste's dumpsters are spacious, clean, and affordable. These containers are available to rent on a two-week basis so that means you will have plenty of time to go through all your belongings before moving day. Just toss the items in and we'll pick it up and dispose of them for you! Contact us today to reserve your rolloff container.