Fall Season is Home Cleanout Time

It's officially fall and homeowners are taking steps to make sure their house is in good shape before winter rolls in. Before the holiday season starts up and people's schedules are once again packed, take this time to clear out any clutter within your home.

Benefits of Reducing Clutter

Clutter is never fun to deal with; it makes us feel stressed and overwhelmed -- not to mention it can become a safety hazard to you and your family. Removing clutter can take a lot of time because many homeowners feel the need to sift through and determine which objects to keep, which to donate, and which to toss. But once you've started the process, you will quickly realize that your home feels much more welcoming and roomy.

How a Rolloff Container Can Help

When it comes to throwing away unwanted items, it's first important to determine roughly how large these items are and how much stuff you're hoping to get rid of. If you're getting rid of old furniture that's been sitting in the basement or attic for years, lawn equipment stashed away in the garage or shed, or old appliances, then we recommend renting a 10 or 15 yard residential dumpster for your cleanout needs. Renting a rolloff container from Schiebel Waste ensures that your fall season cleanout session is efficient and affordable.

Not only will a dumpster rental from Schiebel Waste help make the process less of a hassle, but we also take the time to properly dispose of your items once we arrive to pick up the full dumpster. Our rolloff container company in Methuen provides 10, 15 and 20 yard dumpsters for homeowners who need to create more liveable space in their home before the holiday season rolls around. Reduce clutter and schedule your rolloff container today!

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10 Yard Container


1-ton limit

2 week turnaround

$7 per day after 2 weeks

$120 per ton over allotted limit

15-Yard Container


5' high x 8' wide x 12' long

2 ton limit

2 week turnaround

$7 per day after 2 weeks

$120 per ton over allotted limit

20-yard Container


4' high x 8' wide x 16' long

3 ton limit

2 week turnaround

$7 per day after 2 weeks

$120 per ton over allotted limit

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