Winter Home Cleaning

Although winter is almost over, it sure does not feel like it. With a winter storm just hitting us hard and chances for another one soon, it seems like winter is in full swing and spring is nowhere in sight! Although the weather may put a damper on your golf plans, it can give you time to do some early spring cleaning while you’re stuck inside. It can be difficult to know where to begin but we have some hints that may break the cleaning process up into simple steps.

Clean That Closet

While it is still too early to put away your winter clothes…unfortunately, this is your chance to go through your stocked closet and get rid of some things. Let’s be honest, we all have clothes in our closet and drawers that we either never wear or that haven’t fit for years. Well, it’s finally time to say goodbye, and you’ll finally have room in your closet.

Cleaning those hard to Reach Places

This can also be a great time to clean those hard to reach areas that you may simply forget about during the rest of the year. Dusting above a china cabinet or kitchen hutch, or vacuuming under your large furniture. This can also be a good time to give your bathrooms some well-needed cleaning and disinfecting.

Garage Time

No matter what time of the year it is, the garage always seems to be full of junk. The garage is one of those areas in your home that just gathers clutter. Don’t know where to put something? Just toss it in the garage and leave it there for three years. Not anymore! Use this never-ending winter to finally clear out your garage and remove that junk that has been building up forever.

When the warm weather does finally come, and you have heaps of junk and clutter from your winter cleanout, contact Schiebel waste and we’ll come haul everything away for you!


10 Yard Container


1-ton limit

2 week turnaround

$7 per day after 2 weeks

$120 per ton over allotted limit

15-Yard Container


5' high x 8' wide x 12' long

2 ton limit

2 week turnaround

$7 per day after 2 weeks

$120 per ton over allotted limit

20-yard Container


4' high x 8' wide x 16' long

3 ton limit

2 week turnaround

$7 per day after 2 weeks

$120 per ton over allotted limit

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